The vision of ADM’s Fellowships Program is to fill the public sphere with the voices of theologically-grounded, mature and generous Christian women.

Our Fellowships raise up women to engage a sceptical and hurting world with the good news of Jesus, as they serve in our communities, nation and world. 

In concrete terms, ADM Fellowships provide financial and institutional support to complete a focused project at the ADM offices in Sydney. Bursary support ranges in size and length, with a maximum of AUD$80,000 for a 5 days/week 12-month Senior Fellowship. ADM Fellows are provided with a tailored professional development and theological formation program, as well as opportunities to use their gifts to serve their neighbour, the church, and the world.

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What people are saying

The ADM Fellowships Program is an innovative program which seeks to empower, equip and encourage amazing Christian women to contribute to the common good in the ways only they can. I love seeing these women better understand the gift they are to the church and the world, and grow in their unique skills and gifts.
— Elizabeth Oldfield, Director of Theos Think Tank, UK, and ADM Fellowships Program Ambassador
ADM Fellowships are a marvellous opportunity to advance the name of Jesus through the creative and industrious work of the Fellows. The Fellowships have already had a huge impact in unleashing women with extraordinary ideas and gifts.
— Rev Dr. Michael P Jensen, Rector of St Mark’s Anglican Church, Darling Point
I love and support the work of ADM and am particularly thankful for the Fellowships Program. Its very existence affirms the contribution of women in many spheres and shows them doing it with excellence and intelligence. In my pastoral work, I want to encourage women to grow in their faith and talents and to have the opportunity to live purposefully for Christ. This program enables and encourages a seat at the table.
— Vanessa Hughes, Women’s Pastor at St Andrew's Anglican Church, Roseville
Through its Fellowships Program, ADM is a national leader in inspiring and resourcing women to attempt great things in dependence upon God, for the good of the church, and of the society we are called to love.
— Rev. Michael Paget, Rector of St Barnabas Anglican Church, Broadway
I love all things ADM! Take the Fellowships program: you can tell it knows a woman’s worth because it spends itself on the worthy task of helping women thrive, whatever their area of influence. There is nowhere else that puts such a premium on equipping, growing, and empowering whole communities of women to contribute to the public conversation, especially when it comes to matters of faith. Thank you ADM!
— Dr Justine Toh, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Public Christianity
Spending a week with Anglican Deaconess Ministries was one of the highlights of my whole career. What ADM is doing to empower Christian women for public vocation is unparalleled—truly, I can’t think of another organisation like it.
— Katelyn Beaty, ADM Visiting Fellow. Writer, speaker and editor. Acquisitions Editor, Brazos Press.
It’s always hard – perhaps particularly for women - to create the conditions in which to research, think and write – whether that’s done inside the university or, as in my case, outside it. Much of this book was written, hotdesking around public libraries, between the preschool drop off and pick up times.

After two and a half years of that, I received a generous part-time Fellowship from Anglican Deaconess Ministries , a Christian foundation for women. An absolutely critical intervention, that enabled me to keep going and finish the book, and to do my best writing. So thank you to all at ADM.
— Dr Meredith Lake, 2017 ADM Senior Research Fellow. Quote taken from her thank you speech at the 2019 NSW Premier’s History Awards where her book ‘The Bible in Australia: A Cultural History’ won the prestigious Australian History Prize.
I’m sure that like me, many of you, when you saw the topic of tonight’s address, thought that it was both timely and pertinent. And perhaps you thought as well - I’m sure you did if you’ve read Meredith’s book, “The Bible in Australia” - that you could hardly find a better person to expound the topic: an historian, a student of Christianity in Australia, and a person of deep Christian conviction herself. What a great delight to have her unfold for us an answer the question: What kind of stories might enrich our common life? Thank you Meredith for such stunning insight...What a treat!
— Rev. Kanishka Raffel, Dean of Sydney, thanking 2017 ADM Senior Research Fellow Meredith Lake for delivering the ADM Annual Public Lecture at St Andrew’s Cathedral.
Most importantly, we chose a book that meets a key need for Australian Christianity. Namely, it (successfully) challenges some of the more popular – and damaging – secular narratives about Christianity in Australia. The book is The Bible in Australia: A Cultural History, by historian Meredith Lake.
— Akos Balogh, CEO of The Gospel Coalition Australia, and one of the judges for the Australian Christian Book Of The Year Award, commenting on 2017 ADM Senior Research Fellow Meredith Lake winning the 2018 Australian Christian Book of the Year.
There’s nowhere else like this organisation, as far as I’m aware, anywhere in the world.
— Alison Milbank, Head of Department, and Associate Professor of Literature and Theology, University of Nottingham and Canon Theologian, Southwell Minster

ADM Visiting Fellowships

ADM Visiting Fellowships are for Christian women who are established leaders in their field and who have developed a distinctive approach to engaging our world with the good news of Jesus. We serve the church in Sydney and beyond by hosting Visiting Fellows who can enrich the public conversation about Christianity, equip Christian women to develop their own gifts for public engagement, and inspire women and girls from all walks of life.

Visiting Fellows are invited to take up a short-term residence at ADM. During their Fellowship they undertake high-profile public engagement events, such as presenting the ADM Annual Public Lecture or teaching masterclasses at our School of Theology, Culture & Public Engagement. Visiting Fellows also typically offer a suite of mentoring events and workshops specifically for women through our Engage program.

For enquiries, please email the Director of Public Engagement