Creating space in a busy city for theological reflection on the ideas shaping our culture.

The School of Theology, Culture & Public Engagement (STCPE) is a unique, curated program of masterclasses delivered by leading thinkers working at the intersection of theology, culture and public engagement. The annual 3-day summer school is held in late January in Sydney.

The STCPE creates space in a busy city for Christians to immerse themselves in theological reflection on the ideas shaping our culture. We want artists and academics, bankers and baristas, carers and CEOs. We want people who are hungry to explore the ways the good news of Jesus illuminates our work, our loves and our culture. 

Be challenged to pursue deeper theological engagement with areas such as literature, psychology, politics and the arts. Be inspired to develop practical skills for more imaginative public engagement.

The STCPE is open to everyone. There are no prerequisites or assessments. Participants pay a registration fee for the entire program and can choose from the masterclasses on offer.

Come together with Christians from a variety of fields in a space of hospitality and intellectual warmth. Meet mentors, peers, collaborators, and friends. 

Stretch yourself. Go deeper. Find your voice for public engagement.

Make time to reflect on the ideas and cultivate the skills that will help you better engage the world with Jesus.

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