At SHOWCASE, The Hub cohort of entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas.

This is our opportunity to cheer on this faithful group of entrepreneurs who are courageously living out their God-given purpose. It is not a fundraising event.

We'll hear from our Hub cohort, pray for them and explore creative ways we as a community can support them.

"Showcase was a wonderful way to hear more about the initiatives of each of these women and to support them as a wider community." – Clare Steele, ADM's COO

"Showcase is the pointy end of the Hub stick... having a date in the diary to present your vision to others enforces clarification, requiring choices of what to say and how to say it as well as providing the opportunity to test the idea on a real but supportive audience which brings further questions and clarifying or in some cases total readjustment of the project.  All of this is bathed in God’s spirit and part of his equipping for the members of Hub for the year! Certainly a valuable and refining aspect of the year." – Sarah Kinstead, 2017 Hub participant

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