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Girls Do Theology

This summer holidays, gather your friends 
for a great day out in the city at GIRLS DO THEOLOGY!

At GIRLS DO THEOLOGY you'll get:

  • 3 mini-talks from 3 world-class female theologians!

    • Katelyn Beaty on finding your place in the world

    • Kirsten Birkett on happiness

    • Alison Milbank on fantasy and gothic literature

  • Time to ask questions to the speakers and talk about their ideas

  • Lunch with new friends

  • A chance to explore the newly renovated ADM space in the city - a space that exists for you!



Enquiries: hello@deaconessministries.org.au

Date: Monday 21 January, 9.30am - 1.30pm (includes lunch)

For: Girls in school years 10-12, or thereabouts :)

Location: ADM: Lvl 1 St Andrews House, 464-480 Kent St, Sydney

The Girls Do Theology Mini-FAQ


Q: What is theology?

A: Roughly, in the Greek, 'Theo' is God, and '-logy' is study, so, theology = the study of God and his relationship to us. Theologians dig in deep to studying the bible, ask heaps of questions and think a lot about how God relates to life, the universe... and pretty much everything!


Q: Who are the girls?

A: GIRLS DO THEOLOGY is for girls around years 10-12, or those who have just finished highschool. If you’re a bit younger or a bit older and really want to come, then come!


Q: Do I have to prepare or bring anything?

A: Nope, just your lovely self :) We’ll give you notepaper and pen in case you want to scribble down some great theological musings of your own!


Q: Will it be hard?

A: The speakers we’ve got certainly mean business but they're also really interesting and their topics are a lot of fun! They have experience talking to different audiences like you about their work. And there’ll be plenty of time for questions and conversations. Sure, it’ll be a tiny bit nerdy... but that's half the fun! ;)


Q: Who is Katelyn Beaty?

A: Katelyn loves words and believes they can change the world. She was the youngest and first female managing editor of Christianity Today magazine in the US. Katelyn has written a book about work, vocation, and identity, called 'A Woman's Place'. She has also written for impressive news outlets like The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and The New York Times. For more on Katelyn, see www.katelynbeaty.com


Q: Who is Kirsten Birkett?

A: Kirsten is currently a 2018 Senior Research Fellow with us at ADM where she's working on a new book on a Christian view of happiness. Kirsten is an Australian who now lives in London, where she is a Lecturer in ethics and philosophy at Oak Hill Theological College, and also teaches church history and doctrine.


Q. Who is Alison Milbank?

A: Alison is Associate Professor of Literature and Theology at the University of Nottingham. She researches and writes on topics like the imagination, the fantasy literature of authors like JRR Tolkien (author of 'The Lord of the Rings') and on God and Gothic literature. That means you can ask her all your questions about zombies!


Q: How much does it cost?

A: $30, which includes lunch


Q: How do I sign up?

A: Click the ticket link above to go the website to buy your ticket.


Q: Who is ADM?

A: ADM's vision is to see women from generation to generation flourishing in Kingdom work. For 127 years, we have had an enduring underlying mission: to raise up women with theological formation for practical and public engagement. You can read more about us at www.deaconessministries.org.au


Enquiries: hello@deaconessministries.org.au