Talking about money can be both awkward and uncouth. But it’s a big part of life, and especially important for women to manage well. Did you know, for example, that women over 55 are the fastest growing group of homeless people in Australia? This is in part because women retire on average with half the amount of Superannuation that men do, as a result of the gender pay gap and because what is traditionally consider ‘women’s work’ is not as highly valued as ‘men’s work’. 


So, how can we be better informed in our attempts to steward our financial resources?


How are you going with managing your money? Do you have a budget and know how much you should be spending discretionarily? Do you know what a good loan rate is? Or, how to charge for your freelance work? Or, how to salary sacrifice? How are you going with finding financially sustainable paths to pursue your vocation (in the most expensive city in the world no less!) and in provisioning for your future?


Our next ENGAGE Masterclass is designed to give women a basic introduction to a range of practical information and tools regarding: budgeting, investing, getting paid appropriately for your freelance work, salary sacrificing into Super and provisioning for your future. Our guest Presenter, Rachel Cole will take us through these financial issues commenting on practical tips and on key statistics that are particularly relevant to women and our financial outcomes.

About our Speaker:

Rachel Cole 2.jpg

Rachel Cole is qualified Property Investment Advisor who has long had a passion for understanding and managing her money. She started as a novice investor, working hard after finishing University to pull together her first home deposit in under 5 years, and now has a large portfolio of investments. Writing about her passion in this area, Rachel says: “There is no magic. It is strategy and commitment. What helped me is sound money management, intimately knowing your market and always remembering the ultimate goal… To me as a young woman, [it] represents the choice to work when I want to, freedom to be generous and travel and a strong sense of independence.”

Rachel’s approach to sound money management is also informed by her career in the Arts and her acquaintance with the financial pressures that exist for those working in less secure forms of work. When she’s not thinking about money, you’ll find Rachel on a stage! She is a 2011 graduate of ED5 International in Sydney. Most recently, she played The Acrobat in the Original Australian cast of Matilda the Musical, where she understudied Miss Honey, Mrs Wormwood and Mrs Phelps (Royal Shakespeare Company/ LWA). Rachel has numerous credits in musical theatre, for Opera Australia and as a session singer and recording backing vocalist.