Your voice is the most powerful tool you have for communicating. It is through your voice that you connect with an audience. Your voice can influence and inspire, or work against you, weakening your message, and blocking you from having the impact you were hoping for. Do you feel as though your voice lacks power and gravitas when it matters most? Would you like to feel more confident when speaking in public? Do you want to be able to communicate your ideas easily and effectively? This workshop is an opportunity for you to up skill in the vital art of communication.

This practical workshop will use theatre-based techniques to enhance your voice and presentation skills for greater impact. Actors are experts at engaging an audience; when mastering their craft they learn how to use their voice to influence any audience. These skills are transferable and can be used by anyone. Jess Chambers will draw on her experience in coaching actors for major theatre performances to help you learn to express yourself with confidence. You will learn strategies to enhance physical and vocal presence and improve your vocal delivery so that your words will resonate and have an impact on your audience. 



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Jess Chambers works internationally as a voice and dialect coach. She coaches actors in the spoken voice: helping them to be heard and understood, and to create believable and engaging performances. She is currently coaching the cast of Jersey Boys, which will open in Sydney in September. She is the voice coach at Bell Shakespeare, where she has recently coached productions of Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra, The Merchant of Venice, and Richard 3, and she was Voice and Dialect Coach on Matilda the Musical in Australia and on the West End. Her other credits include numerous productions at Sydney Theatre Company, at the Shaw Festival Theatre in Canada, and at theatres across London. Jess regularly uses her experience with actors to train other professionals who rely on their voices to engage and persuade, including lawyers, teachers, and sales representatives. She trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London.