Do you have a project you’re hoping to get done before the Easter break? Perhaps an article or assignment that's due, a talk you need to write for an Easter service, or something else you want to get over the line before the end of the quarter?


If that's you, come and join us on Saturday 13 April for an ENGAGE | Co-working day for women in our beautiful Garden Room. Following the popular model of “shut up and write” days, we’ll spend the day in quiet work mode.

There’s also a lovely kitchen for when you need tea and chats, and a balcony for when you need sunshine and fresh air. A light morning and afternoon tea will be provided... possibly a chocolate croissant or two!

Our co-working space in the Garden Room has big communal workspace desks with power points and there's free Wi-Fi! There's also lockers for leaving belongings if you want to take a walk break to the QVB or to Hyde Park.

Please book a free ticket below to RSVP your spot, as seats are limited.

Join us for some good (quiet!) company to get that thing done by Easter!

If you can't make it this time around, stay tuned - we'll be holding more ENGAGE | Co-working days soon!

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