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2019 ADM Annual Public Lecture
Dr Natasha Moore

‘The Pleasures of Pessimism: On hope, culture and the end of the world’

It’s 2019, and many of us have a creeping sense that things are getting worse. The post-antibiotic age, late capitalism, populism, transhumanism, not to mention the cascading effects of climate change … are we more fearful than our ancestors? And should we be?

Join Dr Natasha Moore, one of Australia’s most distinctive public commentators on Christianity and culture, as she considers the stories we tell about the future, their net cultural effect, and the rationality or irrationality of hope.

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Dr Natasha Moore is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity (CPX). She has written for the mainstream media on topics that include politics, books, movies, domestic violence, food, Scripture in schools, war, Thanksgiving, death, taxes, and freedom of speech. She has a PhD in English Literature from the University of Cambridge and is the author of Victorian Poetry and Modern Life: The Unpoetical Age, as well as the forthcoming For the Love of God: How the church is better and worse than you ever imagined, based on the CPX documentary of the same title.