ADM members play a vital role in the running of our company, as valued representatives of the ADM community.   

ADM’s Constitution limits the number of members to 100. Membership applies for a term of five years, after which members are invited to reapply.

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who are adm members?

Our members are confessing, evangelical Christians and active members of the Anglican Church of Australia. They come from a range of backgrounds, and include church workers, community workers, those in business, students, and carers.

To be eligible to become a member of ADM, a person must:

  • be proposed and seconded by an existing member;

  • sign a declaration of faith; and

  • consent in writing to become a Member of the Company

What do ADM members do?

ADM members help to safeguard the mission, vision and values of ADM, by playing an active role in in the decision-making processes and good governance of the company.

ADM members have numerous rights and responsibilities, which include the following:

  • To be informed about the running of ADM – including receiving reports about ADM’s finances, assets, activities, and what the results of those activities are

  • To be provided with adequate opportunities to raise concerns or ask questions about how ADM is run

  • Attend ADM’s Annual General Meeting and vote on resolutions – such as electing or removing a director, or changing the Constitution

  • Participate in ADM Members’ Forums – held throughout the year

  • Propose resolutions to be tabled at a members’ meeting

  • Access the minutes of members’ meetings and resolutions of members

  • Members are obliged to comply with the terms of the ADM Constitution.


More information

If you would further information about ADM membership, please contact us on 1300 896 530 or email us.