The ADM Fellowships Program seeks to recognise and support Christian women who demonstrate excellence in their field and provide platforms to engage the public with their work. We do this by providing financial and institutional resources, creating forums for theological and professional development and hosting innovative public engagement events.


KIRSTY BEILHARZ, ADM Senior Creative Fellow – ‘Meaningful and Memorable: Music Vigil’

KIRSTEN BIRKETT, ADM Senior Research Fellow – ‘A Christian Study of Happiness’

MONICA COOK, ADM Senior Research Fellow – ‘What to expect before you’re expecting’

KATE BRADFORD, ADM Senior Research Fellow – ‘Providing faithful and hopeful pastoral care to a particular person, in a specific context at a specific time’

YIXIN JIANG XU, ADM Senior Research Fellow – ‘Countercultural: Christian Parenting in a Chinese Context’

LAURA RADEMAKER, ADM Senior Research Fellow – ‘Crisis of faith? Gender and secularisation in Australia, 1960-1980’

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JO KADLECEK, ADM Summer Creative Fellow – ‘Connecting the Dots: An Imagined Conversation for the Stage’

LYN KIDSON, ADM Summer Research Fellow – ‘“Honour Widows who are Widows Indeed”: Care of the Vulnerable, Charity, and the Practice of Piety in creating Social Change’

CHRISTINE POON, ADM Summer Research Fellow – ‘Not a drop wasted: improving the life-saving outcomes of donated blood’

BROOKE SCRIVEN, ADM Summer Research Fellow – ‘The social production of children’s worship in bible lessons’

ROBYN WRIGLEY-CARR, ADM Summer Research Fellow – ‘Soul Friends: Journeying with Women of Wisdom through the Ages’

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ALISSA WILKINSON (Staff writer, Vox & Associate Professor, The King's College, NYC), ADM Visiting Fellow

JO CHEW, ADM Creative Fellow – ‘Numbering Stars’

AMELIA SCHWARZE, ADM Research Fellow – ‘Domestic Abuse and the Church’

MEREDITH LAKE, ADM Senior Research Fellow – ‘The Bible in Australia’

LOUISE GOSBELL, ADM Senior Research Fellow – ‘The Experiences of People Living with Disability in the Sydney Diocese of the
Anglican Church’  

ALIX BEESTON, ADM Senior Research Fellow – ‘Unfinished: The Misadventures of Literary and Cultural History’

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ELIZABETH OLDFIELD (Director, Theos), ADM Visiting Fellow

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