ADM Fellowships provide financial and institutional support for Christian women to complete a focused project at the ADM office in Sydney and pursue avenues to engage the public with their work.

2020 ADM Summer Fellowships run from 2-24 January 2020.

We strongly encourage Christian women from a variety of backgrounds, fields and experience to apply: creative, theological, professional, ministry, academic, not-for-profit, media, education, health etc. Examples of project outputs include: books, journal articles, resources, talks, research, media appearances, films, music compositions, artworks, grant submissions, ministries and initiatives. If you’re not sure if a Fellowship is a good fit for you, read the FAQ on our website and get in touch with us below.


ADM Summer Fellows receive a bursary of AUD3,000. Fellows are responsible for their own tax arrangements. 

Summer Fellows are provided with desk space and shelving in an office shared with other Fellows at the ADM office, which is also accessible outside office hours. Fellows are expected to work at ADM during their Fellowship. Core office hours are 10am to 3pm. However, flexible work arrangements can be requested, for example, for an artistic project that requires the use of a studio.

Summer Fellows receive free, priority access to ADM’s School of Theology, Culture & Public Engagement (STCPE) (21-23 January 2020), providing them with opportunities for theological formation and professional development in public engagement skills, as well as avenues to connect with Christian mentors and networks. Summer Fellows also become part of our growing Fellows Alumni network, providing ongoing support as they serve in our communities, nation and world.


To be eligible to apply for an ADM Summer Fellowship, the applicant must:

  • Be 18 years or older;

  • Be a Christian woman;

  • Be able to work in the ADM office in Sydney during the Fellowship; and 

  • Have an understanding of ADM and a personal commitment to ADM’s mission to “raise up Christian women with theological formation for practical and public engagement.”

Assessment criteria

All applications will be assessed against the following criteria: 


  • Appetite and ability to be raised up for Christian public engagement

  • Appetite and ability to think biblically and theologically in her area, integrating faith and vocation

  • Appetite and ability for excellence and leadership in her field (assessed relative to field and relative to opportunity, taking into account career interruptions)

Fellowship project and its outputs:

  • Quality (assessed relative to the applicant’s field)

  • Viability: the likelihood the project outputs will be completed

  • Impact: connections between the project and Christian faith, and the potential of the project to impact beneficiaries (e.g., communities, churches, organisations) in ways shaped by the gospel

  • Engagement: the potential of the project to engage various public audiences through events and media during and after the Fellowship 

  • Capacity-building: the likelihood that completing the project outputs will help the applicant progress to the next step in reaching her larger vocational goals and in being raised up for Christian public engagement

Application details

In 2020, applications for ADM Fellowships will occur in two stages: 

  1. A short application called an Expression of Interest (EOI)

  2. Successful EOI’s will then be invited to submit a full application

Shortlisted applicants in the full application round will have their applications assessed by two blind reviewers, one with expertise relevant to the applicant’s field, the other with theological expertise. Those applicants shortlisted for interview will be contacted approximately 1-2 weeks before offers are due to be made. The final selection of the 2020 Fellows will be determined by ADM.

Key dates

  • Monday 6 May: Expression of Interest (EOI) applications open

  • Saturday 1 June, midnight AEST: Expression of Interest (EOI) applications close

  • Friday 7 June: All applicants notified of the outcome of their Expression of Interest (EOI). Successful EOI’s invited to submit a full application form

  • Saturday 6 July, midnight AEST: Full applications close

  • Monday 19 August – Thursday 22 August: interviews held at ADM office or via Skype 

  • Monday 26 August: Offers made for 2020 ADM Fellowships, Senior Fellowships and Summer Fellowships. All applicants notified of the outcome of their application


Email the Director of Public Engagement Programs