ADM reader’s cards


Our co-working space is the perfect place to work, study, or invest time in projects that intersect faith, culture and community. As a holder of an ADM reader’s card, you have access to our co-working space – the perfect place to work, study, or invest time in projects that intersect faith, culture and community.

What’s included

  • Six months of free access to the co-working space during ADM office hours – Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm
  • A shared work-table space in our quiet work area
  • Free use of guest wi-fi
  • Visitor use of the MAC library for research (including access to library resources while in the ADM office space)
  • Access to ADM’s kitchen and common areas, with free tea and coffee
  • The opportunity to network with like-minded women in the communal areas outside the co-working room

What you need to know

  • Reader’s cards will be offered for a period of six months. After six months the reader's cards will expire. Holders will have the opportunity to apply to renew their access to the co-working space. Renewals are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of ADM.
  • There are 10 spaces available for reader’s card holders
  • Users must sign in and out at the ADM reception desk each time they use the co-working space.
  • Users must BYO own laptop and phone.
  • Limited printing and photocopying facilities are available on request at the reception desk. 
  • Users are able to make use of the MAC library for research. This includes access to library resources while in the ADM office space, but does not include borrowing rights.
  • The co-working space is a quiet space, with the atmosphere of a library reading room. In this space there should be:
    • No conversations
    • Mobile phones must be switched to silent. No phone calls or video calls can be made inside the co-working space. You are welcome to make phone or video calls in the lounge area outside the co-working space, at a moderate volume and use headphones for video calls.
    • The volume of audio through headphones must be kept low, so that it does not disturb others.
  • Users must respect the confidentiality of other people using the co-working space. The identity and conversations of other people must remain confidential.
  • Users are requested to leave the space as they found it – tidying up before leaving.
  • The kitchen is a shared area, and is also used by students of Mary Andrews College, ADM staff and other users. Please be mindful of others when using this space, and note that there may be times when the kitchen is unavailable for use. Please also note that no items are to be stored in the refrigerator, as it is needed for functions and staff use.
  • With limited spaces available in the co-working room, there may be times when all work stations are taken.
  • The room will occasionally be used for functions and be unavailable, in which case those with reader’s cards will be notified beforehand by email.
  • Please note the room is unavailable on public holidays and during periods of ADM office closure.
  • Reader’s cards are issued and renewed at the discretion of ADM, and may be cancelled at any time. The issue of a reader’s card does not constitute a contract between the user and ADM.
  • You must not use the internet access provided for excessive downloads, viewing content that may cause offence or for any illegal purpose.
  • We take all reasonable measures to ensure the space is a safe and healthy working environment. You are responsible for your own safety while in the space. This includes using our property and your property safely, for the purpose it was intended, and with a reasonable amount of care.
  • Our contents insurance does not extend to your property. You should make your own insurance arrangements to ensure that your property and any other liabilities are covered. Please note that ADM is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage of your property while you are using the space at ADM.