ADM Pastoral Care and Assistance Scheme

As a Christian organisation, Anglican Deaconess Ministries is committed to the mission of living out and extending the love, care and compassion of Jesus Christ to everyone.

ADM is committed to addressing allegations of child sexual abuse responsibly and proactively because victims of child abuse have been violated and had their trust betrayed.

If you have suffered abuse while involved in any of the services at Pallister House, Lisgar Hostel or any other place for which ADM assumed responsibility and you wish to raise an allegation or make a complaint, please contact us.

About Pallister House

Pallister House is a building in the grounds of Greenwich Public Hospital at 95-115 River Road Greenwich which operated as:

  • Pallister Girls’ Home (1946-1976);
  • Pallister Young People’s Unit & Special School (1977- 1981); and
  • Lower North Shore Adolescent Service and Pallister S.T.A.Y. residential unit (1981-March 1984).

Pallister House Adolescent Therapy Unit was administered by Greenwich Hospital as a public health program in conjunction with Health Commission of New South Wales Northern Metropolitan Region and Department of Youth and Community Services. The Special School came under the Department of Education North Sydney Region and closed in May 1981. Greenwich Hospital was one of the Home of Peace Hospitals coming under the responsibility of The Church of England Deaconess Institution Sydney (COEDIS), the predecessor of ADM.

About Lisgar Hostel

Lisgar Hostel refers to a hostel for young women (accommodating up to 10 girls) aged 15 to 18 years old who had reached school leaving age and were seeking work. The original building in the grounds of Pallister, which opened in 1953, was destroyed by fire in 1955. The Lisgar Hostel was reopened at 38 Knight Street Arncliffe in 1959 and continued to be operated by COEDIS until 1987 when responsibility was transferred to the Anglican Home Mission Society.

Our commitment

When an individual makes a claim or allegation of child abuse we are committed to responding promptly with respect, empathy, compassion and support. We will seek to provide assistance to help people with their needs and to help them rebuild their lives.

Pastoral Care & Assistance Scheme

The ADM Pastoral Care and Assistance Scheme outlines how we will respond and provide pastoral care and assistance to persons who contact us with allegations of child abuse by an ADM worker.

ADM Pastoral Care and Assistance Scheme 2017

The Scheme is intended to provide victims with a voluntary alternative to litigation, allowing people to receive appropriate pastoral care, counselling and assistance.


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