Meet The Hub 2017 

Ruth Lewis-Jones – Esteem Designz Program


Esteem Designz is a nationally implemented Mental health resource building self-esteem, identity and confidence in girls – all through creativity. The Design Projects are expressive and practical tools / coping strategies that help girls navigate these challenging years and continue to use throughout life. 

What do you hope to achieve in 2017 through the Hub program?

We have some huge visions we feel God has entrusted to us for this year – implementing new initiatives and resources (like our new ChooseREAL Workshops for schools, churches, conferences and events), as well as creating sustainability and growth for all our current impacts (some including Esteem Designz Program, our global ChooseREAL movement, DIY Events ++).

Through The Hub, I am excited to grow our networks and support, become more strategic, see promises fulfilled, and journey with a group of amazing God-dreamers as we watch God move powerfully in and through us.


What is your vision for the impact your initiative/ work will make?

70% of girls BELIEVE they are not enough or don't measure up in some way. Leading to self-destructive behaviours, disengagement, mental illness and even suicide. We must break this cycle.

Through Esteem Designz and ChooseREAL Campaign, we are creating interactive resources, platforms, tools and a community to equip and empower girls and women in our local and global communities.

We are passionate about empowering girls and women to stand together and transform the way they see themselves, others and the world – not through distorted filters, media, their past, mistakes, the opinions of others, unrealistic expectations, disempowering mindsets, challenges... the list goes on…

But as they are – as whole, complete, not lacking, worthy and more than enough, just as they are. Being all that God has called and created us to be.

Together, we are creating a shift in our culture of TRUE acceptance – of ourselves and of others.

Imagine if girls saw themselves as God see’s them. Imagine if they were able to genuinely celebrate and support others, instead of feeling threatened and insecure. Imagine if they were able to be brave against everything coming at them trying to distort their identity and worth. Imagine if they were free to be themselves, live out their purposes, and in time, discover who God is and who He has called and created them to be.


What is your Bible verse/ passage has been particularly significant for you in forming your initiative/ your work?

Oh so many, and different promises in different seasons that I have held to, but one that represents the pattern God has taken me on is:

“Praise God! He comes alongside us when we go through hard times, and before you know it, He brings us alongside someone else who is going through hard times so that we can be there for that person just as God was there for us”. 2 Corinthians 1:4

This has been the continual journey, creating resources and platforms to equip and empower others out of what God has taught me and walked me through.

It has been such a blessing to watch God turn my pain into His purposes, to know His heart for us girls, to take a stand for every girl/women to know their worth and value, and journey alongside them as they discover their REAL identity.


What are some specific things the ADM and MAC community can pray for you?

That I would find my strength in God, waiting expectantly for Him to do what I can’t. For funding to create further resources and continue our work. For a team to take the vision where God is leading. For His opportunities to reach and impact more girls and resource more churches, schools, community groups. For miraculous provision, giving Him all the glory and strengthening the faith of those who hear/see what He is doing. That we would seek Him first and rest in Him.

Dana Gruben – Jesus Loves Me

 Jesus Loves Me is a resource for gospel outreach to people with dementia: “People with dementia need to hear the Good News of Jesus in a way that meets their unique needs--- simple but not childlike; clear, concrete, building on familiar words.”

What do you hope to achieve through The Hub program?
I am so excited to be part of The Hub 2017! Already, I have been encouraged to consider how my life, my purpose and my project can align with God’s purposes. The program for the year is well thought out, enabling us to grow spiritually as well as in skills to build our initiatives.

My project – Jesus Loves Me – is a gospel resource designed for use among people with moderate to severe dementia. I’m keen to see it developed further, to a point where it can be produced and distributed in a variety of settings, including aged care centres, churches and families. My hope is that an app or website can be developed to be used alongside the printed Jesus Loves Me resource, and that the resource can be launched through an effective channel.

What is your vision for the impact your initiative will make?
The number of people affected by dementia is growing, not only in Australia but all over the world. Many of these people have not heard the gospel, while others have heard but not yet believed.  I would love to see people with dementia turning to Christ, knowing his love and trusting in him for salvation. Beyond this, there are so many more possibilities for Jesus Loves Me – for instance, to develop further resources for ministry among people with dementia, such as Bible studies and church service formats.

What Bible passage has been particularly significant in forming your initiative?
The Bible passages which spur me on for this project are ones that remind me how counter-cultural our view of personhood will be if we see and love people as God does. Reflecting on passages like 1 Samuel 16:7 (“The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart”) and Mark 10:15 (“Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it”) reminds me that intellect and memory are not prerequisites for becoming one of God’s children. And I am also encouraged by Romans 8:38-39, which reminds us that even dementia cannot separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.

What can we pray for you?
Please pray:

  • that God will guide my steps and open doors so I can move forward with Jesus Loves Me
  • that I might persevere when discouraged by slow progress and obstacles
  • that people who use the Jesus Loves Me resource might put their trust in Jesus.