What are you looking for in the video?

The video is 3 minutes long. It is only of the applicant(s) talking. It needs to include four things:

  • A description of your ministry / initiative / organisation including the problem you are trying to solve and the way you want to solve it, as well as any evidence you have that you are on the right track.

  • An introduction to you as the leader(s) of the ministry / initiative / organisation and your relevant experience.

  • Your funding ask – explain how you would use the prize money if you win, and how it would build capacity in your organisation (see below for prize amounts in each category).

  • How your organisation aligns with ADM’s focus areas of FORM, ENGAGE or DO (you’ll find these outlined in the Information and Conditions pack).

Please do:

  • Record the applicant(s) talking

  • Make sure the volume is loud enough

  • Make sure there is no background noise  

Please don’t

  • Add any music

  • Edit your video or add any special effects


Here are some example pitch videos made by people applying to Y Combinator (U.S. based accelerator) (these include a and b from the list above)






I don’t know how to make a video, what should I do?  

This is not a video-making competition. Make sure you are in a quiet area, away from background noise. Open up the camera app on your phone or your friend’s phone and just record yourself talking. Pop it on a shelf. Or ask your friend to hold the camera while you talk.

If you have questions, you might like to come along to our Info session, or we have someone who can consult with you over the phone. Contact us if you would like assistance.

The AFE supports Christian women leading ministries, initiatives or organisations? What do you mean by this?

We have tried to be as inclusive as possible with regard to the structure of the gospel-shaped initiative because we believe that different organisational forms are appropriate for different ideas. We leave the organisational form up to you, and we focus on you as an applicant and the quality, viability, impact and capacity-building potential of your idea to make our funding decisions. (See the Information and Conditions pack for the full details of our assessment criteria).

Examples could include Christians starting ministries, developing products or services for under-served populations, developing streams of charity funding, starting a social enterprise that will have outcomes beyond financial success, creating a for profit company that fills a gap, and many other things.   

If you have any questions about whether you are eligible to apply for funding, please Contact the AFE team.


What do I need to do if I receive funding?

Aside from providing payment details, we just ask for a report 12 months later so that we can find out how you are going. Some applicants will be invited to join our incubator and mentoring program in 2020, which will involve additional opportunities and commitments if you choose to accept.


Is my organisation an Idea? Prototype? Startup?

These terms are defined in the Information and Conditions pack. If you would still like advice, feel free to contact us.


I am not an Anglican. Am I able to apply?

Yes. ADM AFE funding is available to all Christian women (over the age of 18), who are citizens/residents/refugees of/in Australia, who have a personal commitment to the vision and mission of ADM and an appetite to develop and grow an organisation to impact beneficiaries in ways shaped by the gospel.

Does the initiative / organisation have to be explicitly Christian or theologically driven?

Well, yes and no. 

‘No’ in the sense that your organisation might not be explicitly Christian. For instance, a meal delivery social enterprise. 

However, ‘yes’ in the sense that the applicant must have a clear vision for how the organisation would provide them with opportunities to impact beneficiaries in ways shaped by the gospel. For instance, perhaps your organisation will demonstrate Christ’s love for a specific group of needy people in a way that is currently lacking, or work with an applied theology of ministry for example through mental health. You could be seeking to renew the world and point to Christ through a tech company, or create new pathways for women. Perhaps your project will help to show a better way for a sector, demonstrating the structural changes needed to move closer to a Christian understanding of work, relationships and the common good. Or perhaps your organisation will do good in the world in the ways in which Christians are created in Christ Jesus to do good works. 

In short, AFE funding recipients are building diverse ministries, initiatives and organisations and across many different fields and sectors. But they all do so within the larger framework of developing their work for the purposes of having a gospel-shaped impact. 


I’m confused. Can I speak with someone about my particular situation? 

Yes! If you have any questions whatsoever about whether funding through the ADM AFE is right for you, or how to approach the Expression of Interest application, please don’t hesitate to contact us