About the Annual Funding Event


Application details for 2018

1 June 2018 - Applications open

5 August 2018 - Applications close

20 August 2018 – Successful Applicants announced

19 September 2018 - Annual Funding Event. 

We welcome applications from all over Australia. If you need assistance with travel or accommodation costs, please email us. We may be able to provide assistance to a limited number of applicants.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the encouragement that came with winning that pitch in 2016 - it was more than the funding itself, because the encouragement from likeminded sisters gave me the motivation to keep going and reminded me that I am not alone in this endeavour. Thank you!
— Penny Wilkinson. Winner of Mercy & Justice Category, 2016 Annual Funding Event

We can't wait to see these Kingdom initiatives flourish. 


Who is eligible to apply?

How do you know if you’re eligible to apply to pitch at the ADM Annual Funding Event in 2018? All of the following would be true of you and your organisation or initiative:

  • You are a Christian woman;
  • You lead an organisation or initiative;
  • Your organisation or initiative can reasonably be characterised within one of the following categories: FORM (theological formation), ENGAGE (public engagement), DO (mercy & justice ministries or mental health & pastoral care) or IDEAS (an idea for an organisation or initiative that has not yet been created)

ADM’s funding for Common Grace’s Domestic and Family Violence Resource provided the initial drafting of our Safer resource, designed to help Australian churches understand, identify, and respond to domestic and family violence. Our site, which launched online in late 2017 has been visited 9,000 times. The resource has been extremely well received with a number of key church leaders and domestic & family violence experts endorsing the resource.
— Erica Hamence, Common Grace. Winner of the People's Choice Award, 2016 Annual Funding Event




The FORM (theological formation) category is for organisations or initiatives that are seeking to reorient people to Christ to be formed by Him. Ministry and mission work fits here, as well as projects in the broad areas of theological education and formation. We’re looking to hear from women who are leading innovative initiatives to point people to Jesus and build them up in their faith and imitation of Him. Tell us about the people you are passionate about doing this for and how you’re doing it.


The ENGAGE (public engagement) category is for organisations and initiatives that seek to engage our neighbours as public and friend with the good news of Jesus. It includes initiatives designed to enrich the capacity of Christians to make the gospel intelligible and to create pathways for them to do so. It’s OK to get creative here too! We’re keen to hear from women leading innovative projects in any sphere of work or culture – from arts initiatives through to public events, from media platforms through to projects engaging our neighbours in various professions, communities or industries. Tell us about what you think needs to happen next in this space and how you’re doing it.


The DO (mercy & justice ministries or mental health & pastoral care) category is for organisations or initiatives that seek to do justice and mercy, expressing God’s character to the vulnerable and oppressed by tackling poverty, exclusion and violence. This category also encompasses projects working with an applied theology of ministry, including, for example, in areas such as mental health and pastoral care. We’re looking to hear from women leading innovative initiatives to inspire faith in action. Tell us who you are serving and how you’re doing it.


The IDEAS category is for women with an idea for an organisation or initiative that has not yet been created. Bring your visions and dreams of the possibilities, and take this great opportunity to sharpen your idea and test it out in a supportive community.

Making music is an incredibly expensive task - even more so now with digital streaming and so few CD purchases. Our primary goal has always been to get good, gospel-centred music into the hands (and ears!!) of young people, and now we are able to increase the quality and reach of the project in a way that is financially viable and sustainable for us
(as a not-for-profit Christian charity!).
— Olivia Chapman, Emu Youth Music. Winner of the Arts & Culture Category, 2017 Annual Funding Event



First Place: $25,000 (awarded to one applicant from any of the FORM, ENGAGE or DO categories)

Category Awards: $12,500 (awarded to the 2 other category winners from FORM, ENGAGE or DO)

$1,000 to all others who pitch (in all 4 categories of FORM, ENGAGE, DO and IDEAS)

In addition to other cash prizes, the three category winners of FORM, ENGAGE and DO at the Annual Funding Event will become part of the 2019 cohort of The Hub at ADM. In 2019, the Hub will be an invitation-only mentoring program designed to enable entrepreneurial Christian women to take their initiatives to the next level. Across the year, the Hub cohort will gather 3 to 4 times for mentoring events, for which participants’ travel and accommodation will be covered. Exceptional lead coaches and mentors will join the Hub cohort at these events, providing personally tailored professional development and opportunities for each woman’s project. Hub participants in 2019 will also be matched with a mentor with whom they will meet monthly over phone. And, like ADM Fellows, Hub participants will receive free, priority access to ADM’s Engage program.   


The generous funding enabled us to employ an administrator. This freed up my time to work on strategies to progress our mission - starting up new clubs and developing our library of special-education bible lessons.
— Mel Fung, Jesus Club. Winner of The Hub Cohort category, 2016 Annual Funding Event