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Syrian Refugee Response


Five years of violent conflict in Syria has triggered the world’s largest humanitarian crisis since World War II.  Millions of Syrians fleeing from war in search of safety have lost their homes, loved ones, and any normality of life they once knew. In 2015 the Australian Government agreed to permanently resettle 12,000 additional Syrian refugees currently in refugee camps in the Middle East. Syrian refugees have started arriving in Australia and many are settling in Greater Sydney.

I am calling on Sydney Anglicans in parishes all across our diocese, not only to pray for these victims of persecution, but to step up and be prepared to do whatever is within their power to provide a warm and generous welcome, coupled with practical assistance, to ensure that those who come to find safety in Australia are afforded the best possible chance to make a new start and benefit as fully as possible from the peace, freedom and opportunity that far too often we take for granted.
- Dr Glenn Davies, Archbishop of Sydney

Small grants for churches

Applications have closed for our Small Grants for Churches. We have received an encouraging number of responses and are currently processing the applications. Information on successful applicants will be announced very soon. 

Together with other anglican agencies led by Anglicare, ADM is pleased to help respond to the needs of Syrian and Iraqi refugees arriving in Sydney.

We are delighted to contribute $50,000 to this Response for small targeted grants of $1,000 - $5,000 to assist churches in their ministries to support refugees. Many churches are already responding to the needs of refugees in their area. Many churches have great ideas for new ministries that could serve refugee communities. Through this small grant funding the Response wants to enable community based, church-led efforts to welcome and support arriving refugees. 

We are looking forward to seeing how our applicants use the small grants to support refugees in their area. 



The involvement of church congregations within Sydney Diocese and beyond is a key component of the Syrian Refugee Response. You and your church can get involved in the Syrian Refugee Response through:

●      prayer

●      donating financially to the Response

●      volunteering your time in ministries for refugees

●      working with your church to ‘propose’ a Syrian or Iraqi family for migration to Australia

●      establishing a ministry to care for refugees arriving in your area

●      providing short or long term housing accommodation for arriving refugees

Please contact Anglicare directly to let them know of your interest.